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Help with your Garden 

We offer an advice service for your garden planting scheme, whether it be large or small.

Just email details of your garden to and our resident expert Keith will take a look for you.  If you have a photo, even better. 


Top tips for looking after your planters. 

Water regularly. Soak the pot thoroughly, let top layer of compost dry out and water the pot thoroughly again
Feed with a diluted feed such as seaweed extract every two weeks or so to keep plants healthy and flowering. Feed when the compost is moist
Deadhead to trick the plants into producing more more blooms. Regularly pick off faded flowers with your fingers or a pair of scissors
Protect if late frosts or winds are forecast, by covering the containers in fleece in situ, or by placing them under cover
When it’s finished pull the plants out and put them on the compost heap. Then clean the pot ready for a winter display


Planting and Caring for your Plants

If you have purchased plants from us, here are a few tips to get the best out of your new arrival:

When your plants arrive carefully unwrap them straight away and remove all packaging

Give them a good watering and let the water drain away and its always best to plant them as soon as possible.

Its important not to let them dry out.

Dig a hole twice as wide and deep as the plants container and mix the loose soil with well-rotted organic matter.

Then the plant should be planted to the same depth as it was in its pot.

Gently tease out the roots so that they grow into the surrounding soil. Gently firm down the soil and add some mulch, like well-rotted manure or bark and do make sure your

plants are well watered until they become established.

This is very important for the first few weeks.

And then sit back and enjoy …………………….



Patio Clematis Care Guide

Simple planting

From world leading breeder Raymond Evison, these stunning Clematis are compact in habit and perfectly suited for garden or patio.

Clematis grown in containers are a beautiful way to add height to a patio or courtyard garden.

Choose a container approx 45 cm diameter for a single clematis plant.

For larger containers, consider planting two or more plants per container.

Choose an obelisk or trellis for support

Bury the root crown 5cm below the soil surface

Cover the soil with low growing plants to provide shade for the root system

Loosen out main base roots prior to planting

Use loam-based compost such as John Innes No 3

Help drainage by adding a layer of small stones or gravel

Place pebbles or broken pottery over the drainage holes

Simple 'No Fuss' Pruning

The modern clematis in the Raymond Evison range flower readily and will yield good results using relatively simple pruning techniques.

Single Flowering Cultivars

In late winter/early Spring simply reduce all stems down to 15cm of soil level.  However, please check the detailed advice on each variety as some differ slightly.

Double and semi-double flowering cultivars

For improved flowering of double and semi-double flowering varieties the simple pruning rule is that for all plants in this section you should reduce all top growth by one third in late Winter/early Spring.




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